Our cleaning services are tailored based on your preferences, desired frequency and budget.

  • Weekly: Our weekly cleaning service is popular for busy homes, full of life and social commitments.
  • Every other week: For help with general maintenance, this twice-a-month house cleaning service fits best.
  • Monthly: Houses cleaned once a month need a thorough cleaning. This service will fit a more restrictive budget or someone that travels a lot and doesn’t need Weekly or Biweekly Service. Queen of Clean Service can clean your home just when you need it.
  • One-time requests: Do you have a special occasion coming up? Let Queen of Clean take care of the cleaning so you can focus in your guests needs. Your house will shine when you invite them over for that special occasion.

The advantages of regular cleaning services are: It creates more free time for you and your love ones while reducing allergens, bacteria and other unhealthy conditions and creates a positive and relaxing atmosphere in the house. For these reasons weekly or every other week cleaning service are the most popular.

In the long run, choosing weekly cleaning services are more cost-effective. You end up paying less per visit with a weekly or every other week cleaning service than with a once a month service or one-time once in a while service. The true value is of course the free time and freedom that you and your family will have to spend doing more important things than cleaning.

As part of every custom cleaning plan, we’ll accommodate your special and additional request such as: Cleaning the oven or the inside or the refrigerator or providing laundry services. If you need other special cleaning services, please contact us so we can make arrangements.

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